Amazing Presentation using Impress.js

You have to set a presentation. You turn on the computer, open Powerpoint, Keynote, or OpenOffice. Starting to create slide, one by one. Edit the template, import the images, video, even the sound. And there you go the Oh So Ordinary Presentation.

But wait, now there is prezi. The new approach for building a series of presentation slide. Not just a square box per slide, but its a canvas, and you’re free to build your presentation, zoomed-in, zoomed-out, rotate, and another amazing animation. But prezi is a paid service, and to get the full service, you have to paid it monthly.

Sure I love the way prezi as a presentation tool but I want more free approach. And here it come, impress.js. Impress is a javascript library that can be used to build a solid presentation, using an infinite canvas, created by Bartosz Szopka. And since I familiar with HTML5, CSS3, and javascript, I really enjoyed using impress.js.

CSS3 support 3D animation. Because of that, sure impress.js support the 3D animation (with hardware acceleration too and very touch friendly). So not just an infinite 2D(plane) canvas, you can build an infinite 3D world. If you still not sure, please check the demo here.

If you familiar with HTML, CSS, and javascript, please go to Impress.js website, download the source and read all the comments in its index.html file. It’s all clear explanation, straight to the point. I’ve tried to create an online businesscard using impress.js for myself that can be accessed at