HTML5 Animation using Kinetic.js

One of the HTML5 features that attract me a lot is <canvas> tag. Imagine a blank canvas in real life. You can paint it with any colors, any shapes, whatever you want. So using this tag, we can draw anything, make the shapes moving, even make any interaction between  them.

Drawing and animating in HTML5 canvas using pure javascript is not easy for me ( yes I just a humble CSS ninja, not a javascript ninja 😛 ), I need a familiar tool to get me deeper in the jungle of HTML5 canvas. After some research in the web for a simple, easy to understand, but powerful tool, I decide to try Kinetic.js by Eric Drowell.

It’s only 70KB, easy to understand, great documentation, plenty of samples, and great performance. Right now, I’m still exploring this KineticJS, but soon I’ll implement it in some works and project 🙂